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Silicon IP

Hardsil Technology and µC`s
HARDSILcreates a highly conductive buried layer underneath the CMOS devices and combines this with surrounding wells, providing a high conductivity connection to upper surface well contacts
This straightforward modification can be applied to any CMOS and BiCMOS process and node and enables high reliabilitiy, high temperature and radiation tolerant operation by:

o Eliminating latchup
o Reducing upsets (SEE) caused by radiation effects
o Reducing circuit noise
o Improving ESD performance

HARDSIL can be licensed as Semiconductor technology as well provided as a finished µC or SRAM product.

Ethernet AVB IP
Comprehensive Ethernet AVB IP solution portable to all platforms.
Ethernet AVB protocol stack running on RENESAS RZ/A1 containing
Ethernet IPv4 & IPv6 protocol stack for embedded applications
Single Mode IPv6 or dualmode IPv4/6TCP/IP stack on RENESAS RZA1 SOC

Cross Border Technologies provides RTL code for the following technologies:

See NFC technologies

Upcoming technology portfolio additions will be listed soon.