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Security IP

BlueID: Secure offline device authentication for IoTand Automotive

BlueID technologies enable the use of smartphones in identification, access control, authentication, secure control, as well as the sharing of jointly used property with the smartphoe. The technology can be seamlessly integrated into apss, backend systems and existing hardware.
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ONVIF Profile S, G Protocollstack

Ze-PRO®  IP Cam   (stack for Camera server side)
Ze-PRO®  IP Rec Server   (stack for Recorder / server)
Ze-PRO®  IP Mon   (stack for Monitor client side)
Ze-PRO®  IP Rec Clients  (stack for client Recording side)  * under development
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Video Analytics software

AllGoVision is a leading video analytics software and has a global spread of proven installations worldwide. AllGoVision video analytics software is equipped with a total 20 plus basic and advanced video analytics features. It is an Open Platform Analytics integrated with many VMS manufacturers with focus on robust performance, cost effectiveness, ease of use and customization.
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