cross border

International Technology
Licensing, Sales and Services

We bring your innovation to markets you can’t reach.

Innovating successfully in your home market, but no expertise, no time, no network to conquer overseas markets? Cross Border Technologies will be your partner to make it happen.

Cross Border Technologies is a company specialized in inter-market transfer of technological innovations, which includes licensing and sales of intellectual property (IP). We team-up with you as technology leader in your specialty and judge the potential of your innovations in overseas markets. Then we connect you with those who are interested to adopt your innovations for their own products or we directly sell your innovative products. 

Alternatively, we provide you with additional revenue via sales of licenses derived from your innovations. And perhaps we unearth applications for your innovations that you did not have in mind before.

Our expertise covers a wide range of today’s high tech industry branches and our network spans across US, Europe and Asia, with strong ties in Japan, Korea, China and Central Europe. We are experts in technology assessment and high-tech product marketing. We help you overcome the barriers that exist between the markets in the form of different cultural approaches, languages and business matters.

We let your innovation fly abroad.
We make you become an international player.


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