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Decades of technology and sales expertise

The company and its subsidiaries, its international network and partner relations are jointly managed by three former Executives of a global leader in the semiconductor business, Mr. Axel Bialke residing in Japan, Dr. Andreas vom Felde, residing in Germany, and Eric Kim, residing in South Korea:

Mr. Axel Bialke

Managing Director, Cross Border Technologies GmbH, Germany
Representative Director, Cross Border Technologies KK, Japan

Mr. Bialke, born 1963 in Bad Oldesloe, Germany, has a unique curriculum vitae, entrenched in the Japanese business culture. He started his career at the age of 18 years by establishing his own software company and signed his first contract with a Japanese company at the age of 20 years (SHARP). Mr. Bialke studied Computer Science and Japanology and worked 5 years for a Japanese company in Tokyo and Hamburg. For PHILIPS MEDIA Mr. Bialke built up the Japan business and while working at RVS Datentechnik he achieved a success story in Japan, when the product RVSCOM gained a Nikkei Business Award. He built his broad network within the Japanese industry as Vice President of Infineon Technologies in Japan, where as a “Japanese salesman” he won project awards generating a revenue exceeding 1 Bill. €. Over a career of 30 years in high-tech industries Mr. Bialke has gained exceptionally strong technological and marketing background in semiconductor, mobile communications, automotive, software, chemistry and environmental technologies. Mr. Bialke has a strong command of the Japanese language and the ability to fluently speak Japanese as well as to interprete Japanese concepts into other languages. He has gained an excellent reputation within the Japanese industry, where he has many contacts up to CEO level to almost all multinational Japanese companies. Besides German (mother tongue), Japanese and English, he also has basic knowledge of Korean, Italian, Spanish and French.

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Dr. Andreas vom Felde

Managing Director, Cross Border Technologies GmbH, Germany
Managing Director, Cross Border Technologies KK, Japan
Managing Director Tiger Electronics GmbH, Germany
Director Sales StradVision Europe

Andreas vom FeldeDr. vom Felde, born 1960 in Essen, Germany, studied in Germany and Russia and holds a Ph.D. degree in Physics. He began his carreer at Nuclear Research Facility Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe, Germany) and AT&T Bell Laboratories Inc. (New Jersey, US) with material research, investigating nano-structures, conducting polymers, superconductors and catalytic reactions. He moved on into technology development for integrated semiconductor circuitry at IBM Inc. (New York State, US) and Siemens AG (Munich, Germany) and coordinated 256Mbit and 1Gbit memory development and international technology transfer projects. Later he switched his career to information technology at Infineon Technologies (Munich, Germany) and became an executive in finance and contract management. He served about 10 years as CFO and CEO in European and Asian legal entities. He has been living about half of his career abroad in the US and Japan and has travelled extensively the Asia Pacific rim. Besides his strong technological background, he has acquired a deep understanding of intercultural differences and culturally driven approaches to business matters. Besides German (mother tongue), English and Spanish, he also has well developed knowledge of Japanese and Russian and basic knowledge of Chinese, Italian and French.

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Eric Kim

Managing Director, Cross Border Technologies Korea, Seoul

Eric Kim, born 1973 in Korea, has been more than 15 yrs. in high tech industry, e.g. marketing, business development and sales. He has a strong background in semiconductor technology, mobile communication, software and imaging. He has a broad network in Korea, Europe and USA.

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