cross border

Do you want to license your technology, i.e. your intellectual property in Japan, Asia, Europe or US ?

Our core competencies will help you to find your license partner and to conclude a contract.
1.   How can I license to markets, I have not yet addressed?
Cross Border Technologies knows the Japanese, Asian, European, and US high-tech markets and the relevant products, players, trends and requirements.

Cross Border Technologies can leverage its wide ranging contacts up to Board level of most mayor high-tech companies in order to introduce your intellectual property and finding potential licensing partners for you.

Cross Border Technologies knows the customer’s need to acquire new technology.
2.   How can I generate fast additional revenues?
Cross Border Technologies can develop the right licensing strategy for your product in order to achieve the highest possible return.

Cross Border Technologies can assist or conduct the negotiations for you in order to get the best license contract condition.

3.   How can I minimize my risk and costs?
Cross Border Technologies enables you to generate new or additional revenues in foreign markets without upfront costs, since we only ask for commission on revenue from licensing business we develop for you.

For example: With regard to Japan, Cross Border Technologies has 28 years of experience and thus has the insight to clear the cultural and business hurdles to license your technology there. We provide a team of Japan specialists with focus on high-tech products and intellectual property that will support you with tasks like license partner search, communication, contracts etc.