cross border

Licensing of your technology and intellectual property

1. Technology presentation from your side
Please present your technology to Cross Border Technologies. Cross Border Technologies evaluates your technology and the market potential and discusses with you the result.

2. Contract between Cross Border Technologies and you
After the conclusion that the technology has potential in the targeted market Cross Border Technologies will define with you a clear setup, i.e. a contract stipulating commission, customer portfolio and regional scope will be agreed.

3. Sales and business development activities
Cross Border Technologies will start its sales activities for you. We'll find suitable license partners for your technology.

4. Contract between OEM and you.
Cross Border Technologies will support negotiation and facilitate the conclusion of the contract between you and the partner based on your negotiation strategy. Cross Border Technologies will receive at this point in time a contract fee, which will be deducted from the agreed revenue commission.

5. Sales start
Sales of a product which contains your technology starts. You'll receive license fees from your partner. Based upon the revenues realized between you and the partner Cross Border Technologies will receive once every three month the agreed revenue commission.