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Blue Code+ 4.0

The portable Bluetooth® higher layer stack BlueCode+ is one of the leading design tools worldwide for the integration of Bluetooth® in embedded platforms. The flexible API BlueFace+MPA provides all the Bluetooth® functions of the application software.
Stollmann integrates the know-how of this development in the specification process of the standardized BECI Bluetooth® software interface which is being developed by the Bluetooth® SIG under the leadership of STOLLMANN.


  • platform-independent architecture
  • for embedded and PC-based systems
  • powerful API
  • Bluetooth® 3.0 qualified
  • over 10 years of development


STOLLMANN’s BlueCode+ is a higher-layer stack with a wide range of possible applications that can be used both in embedded systems and in PC-based systems. It has been successfully integrated with several different Bluetooth® chipsets, where it interoperates with the chip manufacturer’s lower-layer stack and with application software.
BlueCode+ is based on a platform-independent architecture. The protocol modules are executed in their own run-time environment called OSIF (Operating System Interface) and are thus detached from the “surrounding” operating system. A simple port of the OSIF can adapt BlueCode+ to new operating systems. OSIF also provides all necessary functions to run the Bluetooth® stack directly on the chip without an Operating System.
The stack is qualified under the Bluetooth® specification v3.0 and supports the enhanced security features introduced with Bluetooth® v2.1 including Secure Simple Pairing (SSP).
BlueCode+ comes with powerful APIs to give the application developer an easy yet comprehensive access to the functions of the stack like connection and security management and control of the implemented profiles.
The stack supports a wide range of profiles and protocols.

BlueFace+ MPA

For communication with the application, the "BlueFace+MPA" platform-independent multi-profile API is currently available, and the standardized BECI multiprofile API is coming soon. Thanks to a clear separation of messages for functional control and operating system dependent transport functions, applications can be developed on the PC, for example, and then used in an embedded environment.

"BlueFace+MPA" supports all Bluetooth® functions, features direct access to protocol layers at the hardware level, and has added profile-specific interfaces to facilitate user programming without requiring in-depth knowledge of Bluetooth® .


  • multi-profile API
  • no Bluetooth® know-how needed
  • portable
  • optimized for embedded systems
  • high performance

Supported profiles

  • advanced Audio Distribution Profile
  • Audio Video Remote Control Profile
  • Dialup Networking Profile
  • generic Object Exchange Profile
  • Headset Profile
  • handsfree Profile
  • Obex Object Push, File Transfer, Sync Profile
  • Serial Port Profile
  • SIM Access Profile