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Semiconductor & components

Heat-dissipating alloys (Cu / W / Mo) and Aluminum-Siliconcarbide

Molybdenum copper (Mo-Cu), tungsten copper (W-Cu), CMC (Cu-Mo-Cu) and other alloys are known for their low thermal expansion (CTE) alongside with high thermal conductivity, similar to that of pure copper. Therefore, they are suitable for the efficient heat dissipation of integrated circuits and microwave components. Cu, Ni metallization and gold plating are possible according to customer requirements. In applications that require high reliability, AlSiC baseplates - due to their silicon-like CTE - are used as heat-dissipating carriers in IGBT modules, thyristors, rectifier modules and in high-power LEDs - especially in applications with high thermal cyclical loads - with the aim to avoid failures due to delamination.
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Ceramic Ink

Ceramic ink is an inorganic substance which has extreme thermal, UV and discoloration stability. Screen-printed on a PCB, heat dissipation will improve drastically. Also ceramic ink can be used like solder resist or printed additionally on top of existing solder resist. Hence performance of applications like LED or TV mother boards improves dramatically, as e.g. smaller heat sinks can be used.
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