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Ceramic Ink

Ceramic ink is an inorganic substance which has extreme thermal, UV and discoloration stability. Screen-printed on a PCB heat dissipation will improve drastically. Also ceramic ink can be used like solder resist or printed additionally on top of existing solder resist. Hence performance of applications like LED or TV mother boards improves dramatically, as e.g. smaller heat sinks can be used.

Benefit 1:  Extraordinary heat dissipating and conducting capabilities if printed on PCB ⇒ smaller heat sink possible.
Benefit 2:  No UV discoloration.
Benefit 3:  No heat discoloration.
Benefit 4: Can be used as solder resist.
Benefit 5:  Easy to manufacture. Reuse of existing printing equipment possible.
Benefit 6:  Very thin layer possible for cost saving and performance improvement.
Benefit 7:  Replaces organic insulation material on Aluminum PCB`s and solves discoloration problem.