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Automotive Technologies

BlueID: Secure offline device authentication for IoT and Automotive

BlueID Technologies enables the use of smartphones in identification, access control, authentication, secure control, as well as the sharing of jointly used property with the smartphone. The technology can be seamlessly integrated into apps, backend systems and existing hardware.

IVI Turnkey Solution (RACE)

RACE (Robust Automotive Connectivity and Entertainment) IVI software suite provides the media and connectivity solution for the Connected Car of the future and is core of ALLGO turnkey solution. Complete Smartphone connectivity and Cloud connectivity included in RACE MME offers a full featured, highly configurable and portable multi media engine that provides access to multiple types of media devices (iAP/USB/MTP/SD/CD) and has an API that makes it GUI agnostic. It is currently offered on Linux and is portable to any Posix compliant OS.
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Fast Boot Android

Key hurdle in the adoption of Android in the Automotive IVI and Navigation markets is the time it takes to boot up the system. FAST BOOT ANDROID is solving the boot-up problem by a mechanism by which true cold-boot can be achieved at a fraction of the time it takes for normal boot-up. Using innovative techniques that restore the state of the kernel and Android framework, AllGohas managed to cut down the boot-up time to about 1/4th of the normal cold-boot.

Apple Car Play (incl. IAP 1 & IAP 2)
A fast Car paly solution running on NVIDIA Tegra3, IMX.6 and TI OMAP 5 containg latest APPLE requirement. Communication between head unit and iPhone realizing music, maps and calls.

Android Auto
Android Auto implementation according GOOGLE`s specification.

CARPLAY implementation according APPLE`s specification with additional IP for switching Hub.

An SOC independent implementation of

- Pedestrian detection and tracking
-Lane detection
-Vehicle detection
-Road surface detection
-Traffic sign recognition

Surround View Solution
Surround View Solution creates a 3D representation of a car and its surroundings based on pictures/videos from cameras outside the car. Typical Application are Low-speed manoeuvring and parking assistant. This is the only solution, which has a per frame changeable environment model, so that you can make use of other sensors (distance information)  in order to modify the image according to the reality. 

Laser Scanner Reference System
Solves problem of manual labelling generated Reference Data of the recorded DUT data using cameras by introduction of an offline post-processing software with automatic object labelling mainly based on forward-backward-tracking. Saves huge costs for laser scanner reference data

Ethernet AVB protocol stack
Ethernet AVB protocol stack running on RENESAS RZ/A1 containing