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NFC Protocol stack

Protocol stack for Near Field Communication purpose, supporting MIFARE, FELICA, RFID etc.
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BlueCode+ 4.0     
Bluetooth protocol stack for medical applications
The portable Bluetooth higher layer stack BlueCode+ is one of the leading design tools worldwide for the integration of Bluetooth in embedded platforms. The flexible API BlueFace+MPAprovides all the Bluetooth functions of the application software.
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Business Volume Qualicision, datacenter tool for balancing and cost optimization of data storage
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Manufacturing Execution System (MES) which can replace or be installed on top of an existing MES, thus enhancing manufacutring efficiency and available scope of functionalties.
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SLAM Scan® is the unique, patent-pending technology developed by Dacuda that converts a mouse into a document scanning devices and a smart phone in picture and panorama scanning device with features and performance outpacing existing solutions in the market.
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