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Camera based environment perception ADAS/AD:

Software-Stack L2 to L4 provided by StradVision

StradVision is a Korean company, founded 2014, with now 110 fixed employees (mainly SW-engineers) and similar number of contracted people.

It is a supplier of SW-stacks for environment perception, camera based, outside and inside the vehicle.

Uses cases are for frontal camera (AEB, ACC), for rear camera (blind spot detection, rear cross traffic alert), for surround view monitoring (parking), as well as intelligent side and rear mirrors; internally, for driver and passenger surveillance.

Functionalities include VD, PD, LD, FSD, TSD&R, TLD&R, TxtR, Road Marker detection, instance segnmantation, etc., at a level meeting today’s accuracy specifications of Automotive Tiers and OEMs, as well as after market suppliers.

StradVision is a mature supplier with numerous PoC-, SoPs- projects and devices on the road. The SW-solution is qualified for ASPICE and ASIL-B.

StradVision excels making the most out of the smallest HW-resources; perception DNN developed on high-end processors like Nividia PX2 are ported and optimized for “mid-range SoCs”, i.e.  SoCs that are affordable in terms of price and power consumption:
StradVision has ready solutions on Nvidia PX2,TX2, NXP S32V, TI TDA2X, 4X,  Xilinx ZU 102, Renesas V3M & V3H, Ambarella C22, etc., as well as aftermarket and mobile solutions based on Samsung Exynos and ARM chips.

StradVision offers a fully customer-centric approach, originally adopted as a differentiator to MobilEye. The customer is free to specify prefered SoC, camera/lens/resolution/FoV/color code/mounting position, # of cameras, operating system, etc. Customer is as well free to specify any use case, while StradVision will deliver exactly the matching solution.

For that purpose StradVision has all the necessary components developed in-house: Its own DL based AI framework, its own road data base (mio's of km), its own semi-automatic annotation engine, a very close relationship with the semiconductor OEMs (e.g. Nvidia , TI and Renesas), a highly qualified team of more than 100 software developers. StradVision also has integration experience, e.g. on Elektrobit’s framework or on Visteon’s DriveWorks.

StradVision is continuously demoing at the CES in Las Vegas and has won several awards. StradVision possesses a strong patent portfolio.