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Heat dissipating materials

• Changzhou Tiger Electronic Materials Technology Co.,Ltd. is mainly engaged  in the technical development and consulting of heat dissipation components in the field of power semiconductor IGBTpackaging, and  provides the overall scheme, technical services, production and sales of  heat dissipation materials. The company focuses on the third generation of electronic packaging materials - aluminum-based siliconcarbide research and development, production and sales. A variety of AlSiC, MoCu,W-Cu, MoCuMo, Kovar and Invar and other products have been developed to meet the needs of users, providing professional thermal management materials and technical solutions for manufacturers of microwave devices, high-power devices and microelectronic devices.
• In conjunction with many well-known universities and research institutes in China, the company independently develops the preparation, plating process and production equipment of aluminium-based silicon carbide  composites, with high production efficiency and stable product performance.
• The company has advanced production equipment and various supporting production and testing equipment, has strong production and testing capabilities, and has established a relatively perfect quality management system of  ISO9001. With abundant scientific research achievements,
rich practical experience and advanced production equipment,Tiger is in the leading international level in product performance and production technology.
• The company's main products: IGBTmodule heat dissipation baseplate, rectifier heat dissipation baseplate,  solid-state relay, thyristor element heat dissipation baseplate, high-end  LED display heat dissipation baseplate  and other special heat dissipation baseplate. The company's products are widely used in rail transit, new  energy vehicles, powersystems, aerospace and national defense and otherfields. They are the key  materials in the field of new generation power electronic packaging.